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Important Points for Landscaping Designers

Posted on November 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

As you check out the landscaping ideas all over the web, the tasks of getting the project off the ground seem to be getting more and more daunting. You are beginning to feel the call for abandonment on your dream garden. Don’t give up just yet. A designer will be able to elevate your problem. Check out the Kelowna landscaping designers available on the many web directories and let them help you out.

What can they do for you? Plenty! That is if you engaged a good reliable designer who will be able to design and develop your yard, transforming it into that private oasis that you are dreaming of. A designer will study the climate where you are staying, determine the soil and topography of your yard, the suitable types of plants to grace your yard as well as the efficient usage of your available area. The aesthetic outcome of your garden will be the work of art conjured by you.

So what have you got to do to look for the reliable landscape designer that will take away a huge load of the project of your shoulders? Let’s take a look at some of the important points as follows:-

1. First and foremost, it is important to engage a designer who is certified to carry out professional landscaping services and one who has been in business for a substantial period of time.

2. Right from introduction, the potential designer must demonstrate to understand your specific needs while at the same time provide you with professional input to achieve your desired plan.

3. Know what you want for your landscape before meeting the potential designer. Not all landscape designers are up to the challenge that your project may posed to them.

4. Ideally, it would be advisable to engage a designer from around the vicinity of your home or within your city as this will help you have a smoother communication and better control of your project.

5. Try to obtain recommendation from your neighbors or friends. These will provide the track record you need. Else, try requesting for customer references and check out their completed projects to check on their quality of work.

6. Most designers are affiliated with a landscaping maintenance company. This may work well for you in terms of maintaining your beautiful landscape for the long haul. The services offered should include the following:-

(i) Planting and replanting of trees and shrubberies
(ii) Trees and shrub trimmings
(iii) Lawn maintenance such as mowing
(iv) Weeding and fertilizing
(v) Changing the burnt lightings
(vi) Clearing the irrigations of water features
(vii) Raking leaves and hauling debris.

7. Always remember to get quotation from at least three different landscaping designers before you make your final decision. Let them know the budget you are willing to spend and ensure that they itemized all the costs accordingly. Have all agreed conditions laid into a contractual agreement to avoid any dispute later. Remember to check for warranty and insurance coverage.

8. Be careful when deciding on accepting the lowest quote. It may not necessarily translate into the right thing to do. A higher quote may be worth the price in view of the better materials, workmanship and reliability from the landscaping designer.

9. Sometimes while assessing the experience and ability of the potential designers, you will realize a disparity in their levels of knowledge. While some may be professionally accredited but the other with no formal degree except experience and creativity, you will probably have to follow your gut feeling.

10. Once you have decided and engaged your designer, the project should be underway as agreed with a minimal down-payment. Keep all records of your payment to avoid any issues later.

11. Do not make the final payment until you are fully satisfied with the job done. Generally, it would be difficult to get any contractor to return and fix things once they have received their full payment. Remember to keep all documents and papers relating to your project including amendments and changes.

Always have the end in mind. The ideal landscape should stimulate the senses, appeases the soul and yet, meets your every need.