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Commercial Landscaping Design for a Green and Modern Business Image

Posted on November 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

There are many ways that companies can build their green corporate image. It won’t be wrong to say that such an image can be instrumental in distinguishing the company from its competitors. Commercial landscaping is among the most helpful ways to create an environment that conveys care, modernity and confidence not only to workers but also to visitors and clients of companies.

When mentioning landscaping, most of us think in terms of external landscaping that business premises frequently do on the land available to them at offices and residences. Yet, it is possible for a lot of companies to do internal landscaping too, with the intention of enhancing the looks of their offices and reception areas. That is the reason for landscaping designers to include internal landscaping in the overall design of landscaping their clients’ premises. As can be rightly guessed, there are certain elements common to external as well internal landscaping. In fact, in either case, what matters the most is the selection of flowering and green plants, trees and the like for creating the desired feeling. The focus area for landscaping designers, while designing the interiors or exteriors of a business establishment, is the selection and positioning of the plants that go to create the right corporate image.

External landscaping, being outdoors, focuses on enhancing visual appeal that can be achieved using color, size and shape of plants. Though interior landscaping relies on these factors as well, the focus in this case is more on aroma, which has more of an emotional and psychological appeal than vision to get the desired results.

When considering the exterior of a building, the effects of aroma are too little to be noticed as wind can easily blow it off, without giving it enough time to linger on in the atmosphere. It’s not as if you were sitting in a garden and enjoying the fragrances that get carried around. In case of commercial buildings, the visitors, while entering or leaving the premises, pass quickly through the landscaped area. Their stay there is too short to sense and appreciate aromas, though they can’t miss the visual appeal of that area.

Nevertheless, when nearing the premises of the establishment, external landscaping gets widely noticed, prompting the designer to concentrate more on making a statement rather than creating aromas. The provision of wild flowers and matured trees conveys that company’s sense of responsibility towards environments. Having a considerable green space at the front of the premises gives a feel of tranquility and the kind of confidence that the company conveys. It is quite a frequent practice for companies to create logos of their company or product with help of flowering plants and shrubs. While conveying a sense of creativity, it also reflects innovation to a certain extent.

The landscapes of many companies are designed to include paved areas, courtyards, benches around water fountains to get a garden like feel, that the staff and also the visitors can enjoy. A very healthy feature of creating such environments is that it encourages workers to mingle with each other during spare time and work together as a family for the benefit of the employer. Depending on the space available in reception area, such features can be included there too. Though it may look quite the same as the exterior arrangement, this can be used for different purposes, as the environment is very different.

Plants are likely to draw more attention when located indoors. That could be due their unnatural setting, but the idea can be used to show the colors, and the culture of the organization. On the whole, it gives the image of professionalism, positivity and diligence. When including aroma in that space, companies can create a longer lasting upbeat impression on the minds of guests. Though it considerably helps to have interior landscaping, it needs to be supported by external commercial landscaping to create an overall impressive effect. The combination of these two goes to create a complete corporate image.